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CBD Rub Original – A Soothing Solution for Aches

The CBD Rub Original (120 mg) is a highly-rated muscle rub designed to provide relief for aches and pains. It uniquely combines cinnamon and clove with eucalyptus, creating a warm, invigorating fragrance. This rub is formulated with phytonutrient-rich CBD and essential oils, quickly absorbing into the skin for fast-acting relief. Priced at $25.00, it contains ingredients like CBD, hemp seed oil, beeswax, and various essential oils, making it 95% naturally derived and cruelty-free​​​​.

Lavender Rub – Vegan Comfort for Muscle Soreness

The CBD Lavender Rub offers a vegan solution for muscle soreness and joint discomfort. This product, also priced at $25.00, is known for its quick absorption and effectiveness, providing fast results when needed. It contains ingredients like hemp extract, coconut oil, and lavender oil, making it 95% naturally derived and free from harmful chemicals​​​​.

CBD Foot Cream – Pamper Your Feet

CBD Foot Cream, available for $20.00, is specially formulated to soothe and soften overworked feet. It’s a blend of CBD and therapeutic essential oils, including peppermint and apricot kernel oil. This cream is perfect for massaging over feet and ankles, particularly at night for calming restless feet​​​​.

Sleep Gummies – For a Restful Night

The CBD Sleep Gummies are priced at $35.00 and are designed to promote better sleep. Each serving includes 25mg of CBD, 3mg of melatonin, and 50mg of L-Theanine, along with passion flower extract. These ingredients work together to help you fall and stay asleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed​​​​.

Oral CBD Spray – Convenient and Calming

Finally, the 100mg Oral CBD Spray, priced at $25.00, offers a convenient and fast-acting solution for calm and balance. It’s sprayed directly into the mouth for quick absorption and contains ingredients like CBD, glycerin, and xylitol, making it 95% naturally derived and spearmint-flavored​​​​.

ProductPriceKey Features
CBD Rub Original$25.00120mg CBD, Warm fragrance, Fast absorption
CBD Lavender Rub$25.00120mg CBD, Vegan, Soothes muscles
CBD Foot Cream$20.00500mg CBD, Therapeutic oils, Calms feet
Sleep Gummies$35.00750mg CBD, Includes melatonin, Improves sleep
Oral CBD Spray$25.00100mg CBD, Convenient spray, Fast-acting

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